Selling Abundance “Time to Come Alive”

By Bob Beck
Two simple questions: Are you consistently exceeding your sales numbers? If not, Why not?
A recent Gallup poll survey found that 71 percent of American workers were “not fully engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their jobs. Think about what this means; 2/3 of people don’t like what they do most of the time. What do you think these percentages would look like if just applied to B to B sales people?
Most sales people might feel they are fully engaged and must be to have any kind of success. If you are one of the ones that fall into this category, think about how many times you are calling “the” decision maker early in your sales pursuit. Are you fully qualifying all aspects of an opportunity by asking direct questions before fully engaging in a sales pursuit or are you just going along with the prospect’s “make it as they go” evaluation process? Are you stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things you don’t like to do?
Prospects and clients ask for things from sales people all the time. That might include their time, travel to meeting, provide demos, fill out RFPs, proposals, etc. Most sales people dutifully reply and provide what is asked for with the hopes that if they are responsive enough the prospect will buy from them. From our many workshops around the world we find 70-90 percent of the time, sales pursuits end up with no fruit for the labor. The biggest competitor by far is status quo.
Even if we take the bottom end of that number, that is discouraging, creates unhappiness, confidence issues and stress. CNN recently reported: A decade of research in the business world proves happiness raises sales outcomes by 37 percent.
Time to come Alive:
Where is it written that clients and prospects get whatever they ask for, when they ask for it, and your job in sales is to be subservient and comply? I don’t know anyone that is happy in a subservient position. You deserve more than just a yes or no at the end of a long stressful sales cycle.
Sales should be a collaborative engagement between people trying to solve a business issue. The relationship should be based on mutual respect that has a big dose of give and take as part of it. I’m guessing you don’t have too many personal relationships that are one sided, that have you in some dysfunctional subservient position. If you do, I’m sure it doesn’t make you happy. It’s time to come alive, and learn to be professionally assertive, ask for what you need and want. Aren’t you happiest when you are collaborating with people trying to help them? Think about what your percentage of wins were last year when you had a collaborative relationship based on mutual respect, vs. the sales pursuits you didn’t. If you are happy, feel good about what you are doing, not only are you 37 percent more productive, you will receive more recognition and income. What a tremendous difference it makes for you and your organization.
Everyone wants more happiness. Most sales people want to sell more, be more productive and more satisfaction in their roles. If you don’t know how to consistently create collaborative relationships based on mutual respect let us help. Sales Builders offers a tactical results-oriented process, that has shown unsurpassed results around the world. It’s time to come alive, be happy and more productive. LinkedIn:


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