100% Sales Results

By Bob Beck:
100% Sales Results for 2018: Stop Doing What’s Not Working
Suggesting to stop doing what’s not working is as profound as suggesting, if you want change you have to change. Starting a new year is always a great time to assess what is working and what’s not. Too often we see organizations and individuals that just keep doing the same things repeatedly, regardless of the results? Let’s take 3 minutes and just review a 3-step process that might make 2018 your best year ever.
Step 1: Take Inventory of your actions and results.
What’s working?
What didn’t work last year?
How much time, energy, money, and resources were spent on things where no results were realized?
Why weren’t the results you wanted or needed realized?
One example;
What didn’t work? We still see organizations/professional sales reps that are investing lots of time, money, energy, and resources in sales pursuits that are only bearing fruit, IE results, 20% of the time.
How much time…? 80%! Sales people across the globe agree their most valuable asset is time. Organizations we work with tell us the sales reps are some of their most expensive employees. Taking both these at face value, why or even how can we keep investing in sales pursuits that we aren’t getting results from?
Why weren’t the results you wanted or needed realized? There are always multiple reasons for the above issue. Some include:
Weak or inconsistent qualification process
Decision makers are not engaged early enough in the sales cycle
There is little or no control of the sales cycle
Sales reps aren’t viewed as trusted advisors and aren’t relating to the people they are selling to
There is an outdated or ineffective sales process being followed
Pipeline for new prospects is inadequate so reps pursue any opportunity
Reps are not professionally trained on how to create robust pipelines for new business
Step2: Create a defined and detailed action plan.
Defining and identifying issues is a meaningless step if you don’t have a plan to address the issues. Most organizations are changing. The markets you sell in are changing, so it is only logical you might consider doing some things differently if you want your results to change. As in our example: How do you specifically plan to address the seven bullet points?
Step 3: Take Action! What’s the point if you aren’t willing to take specific action? A good action plan, has a start date, measurements established so adjustments can be made, and the details of the expected results from each action you take. At the beginning of every year there are lots of people that make a resolution for losing weight. How many people do you think achieve their goal? How many people do you think have a detailed plan of action, with measurements and then make the proper adjustments to their caloric intake or exercise routes?
The realization and identification process is very simple. Addressing the issues is a bit more challenging. For 18 years Sales Builders http://www.Salesbuilders.com has been helping organizations and individuals transition and transform. In 2017 we had a client credit us with $25,000,000 of revenue they would not have realized without our partnership. Call us and we would be happy to put you in touch with them and several more clients so they can tell you their story themselves. Let’s work together in 2018 to ensure it is your best year ever.


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