Top 10 Sales Issues of 2015

  1. Reactive Sales Culture vs. Proactive Culture that drives the sales process.
  2. Statistics show that over 50% of sales pursuits end up with “no fruit for your labor.”
  3. Sales teams are not selling to or engaging the Decision Maker early in the sales cycle.
  4. Individual Sales reps Forecasts are inaccurate due to lack of control in the sales processes and poor qualification format.
  5. Sales teams are trying to get prospects to understand the solution they are selling. They don’t yet understand why people buy in 2015; people buy because they feel understood not because they understand.
  6. When trying to sell value, the sales team is imposing what they think the prospect should value before they truly understand what the prospect deems valuable.
  7. Critical Questions go unasked, which results in surprises and slippage in the sales pursuits.
  8. Opportunities are running the sales reps vs. the sales reps running and controlling the activity.
  9. Most common sales approach is one of “Make it Up as You Go”. All prospects are different, the individuals inside those prospects are different, but sales professionals still need to follow a common results orientated sales approach.
  10. Sales people in general are falling under the classic definition of Insanity; Doing the same thing over and over and expecting or worse forecasting a different result.

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Father Time

by Bob Beck, CEO SBI

In every workshop, in every organization, in every market, in all parts of the world, when the question is asked to sales professionals what their most valuable asset is, the answer is always time. Everyone seems to get that answer correct, yet time is the most unguarded and abused asset we have.

The popular sports saying, “We’ll get’em next year…” is often recited by sales reps, but is no more applicable in sales then it is in sports. Next year might not come. You could be on a different team or with a different company, in a new position, or worse could happen, because we just never know when our time is up.

Father time cannot be beat! You can’t negotiate with him, slow him down, turn him back or stop him. Time is not your friend or on your side as the popular song from the Rolling Stones says. The lyrics say, “Yes time, time, time is on my side, yes it is. Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is…” Trust me when I tell you, time it is not on your side!  There is not one person who is reading this that can say their runway is getting any longer. Your runway to take off, to realize your dreams, to realize your true and full potential gets shorter every minute of every day.

Challenge yourself right now with what you are doing that is not bringing you closer to the things you want to achieve.  What are you not acting on that is holding you back? What is the status quo costing you professionally and personally?

At some point every single person that realizes consistent success has taken a risk. Risks can come in many forms.  Risk is the potential of gaining or losing something of perceived value. They can be financial risks, professional risks, social risk, and the big one emotional risk. The biggest risk is losing or wasting your precious time, which is what you should value most of all.

For many people just challenging the status quo of how you invest your time personally and professionally seems like a huge risk. I work with many executives and sales professionals that feel they are doing Ok. The mind set of if it’s not broke why fix it, prevails all too often or now is not the right time, things are going OK. That would be fine if things stayed the same, if markets didn’t change, products never evolved, or new competitors weren’t emerging every day. That is not the case in any business!

The world we live in is changing. How business is done always changes. Your market is changing. I have yet to be challenged with these statements.  So how has your sale approached changed?  If you have the same approach you’ve always had or are selling the same way you did a few years ago and are not experiencing the results you want, there may be a correlation. If everything around you is changing, how can you logically think selling the same way and not evolving or improving is going to serve you well?

If not now, then when? When will you push yourself, your organization, your life, to the next level?  Status Quo achieves nothing but mediocrity. The famous basketball coach, John Wooden was right when he said, “Average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top.”

At Sales Builders, we have helped thousands of sale people and organizations in 10 countries, make changes to achieve results at new levels. Let us help you!

Sales Builders is a dedicated professional development firm that offers organizational assessment, training, and consulting all geared to help organizations transform, thrive, and expand.  We’re architects of change and builders of consistency. We’re pioneers of innovation and masters in sales transformation.